2011 Digital Storytelling Workshop

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In 2011, the Writing Adventures team offered both Intro and Advanced Digital Storytelling courses for ages 8-14, two unique and challenging opportunities for campers to explore combining digital media with writing! Our 3-week Advanced Course overlapped with the 2-week Intro Course, so that advanced students could help mentor introductory learners through the writing and production processes. Together, our Advanced and Introductory workshops combined images, video, music, narration and the latest in digital technology with written text to bring a story to life through the magic of iMovie and iPhoto. Advanced students had the opportunity to tackle more than one type of project or dive deeply into a single format, such as a narrative collage or documentary, using sophisticated software like Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, and Comic Life. Both courses collaborated in small groups, sharing responsibilities and problem solving together, as they navigated toward their own polished multimedia presentations to be presented on the final day. Write On!!


Intro to Digital Storytelling

Noah presents a heartfelt, introspective, and deeply engaging biographical narrative on his hero, Grandpa Larry, once head of Ocean Pacific sportswear and a man of high ideals that would inspire anyone: work hard, treat others with respect, and always find the positive in situations.

Advanced Digital Storytelling

2010 Digital Storytelling Workshop Samples

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